100% Homemade Gyros in 15 Minutes

You may have noticed that Grannie Annie has been slacking as of late. I don’t know what kind of show she thinks we’re running here!! Apparently in her neck of the woods summer vacation means she can just do whatever she wants! 😉 So you guys get me. I know. I know. Hold the applause. 😂

I’ve decided to share with you guys one of my super top secret super fast super yummy summer dinners. And by that I mean there is a chance that everyone on earth already does this. 😁  I  have to share though. Why? Well, I don’t mean to brag or anything, but this is totally top shelf. (I don’t really know what that means, but I think it means swanky/cool/super fantastic. Just go with it.) As a bonus, you will find that this recipe is like 100% homemade. Sort of. I give you…… 100% Homemade Gyros in less than 15 minutes!! 😀😀

Here’s the deal. Every good gyro has four parts. The pita, the sauce, the meat, and the trimmings. I will cover them all for you. This is so exciting!! Are you ready??

The Pita!

You gotta have your pita. These are my pitas…fresh from the oven…. obviously. 😂😂 Mr. Fantastic like the white stuff. I don’t. I’m the kind of amazing wife who can make us both happy. I’ve got skills in the kitchen. 🙂 So just set these aside for now.


The Tzatziki Sauce 

Now for the sauce baby!! This is so easy to make! IMG_20160629_192202970


1 English Cucumber

1-24 oz container plain Greek yogurt

1/2 – 1 Tbls balsamic vinegar

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

1 clove crushed garlic

2 tsp dill

1. Grate the cucumber. Using paper towels squeeze the excess water from the cucumber.

2. Combine all ingredients and let them sit in refrigerator, covered.


See!!!! Wasn’t that easy?!?! And that was totally homemade!!!! Pat yourself on the back, and carry on. You’ve already killed like 5 minutes. 😄

The Meat

Arguably the most important part of the pita! What would a pita be without this?!  Here it is, guys. Here is my totally homemade meat. From Costco. HAHAHAHA! IMG_20160629_193029042

Here’s the deal. I absolutely loathe store bought meatballs. Barf. 🙊 I grew up spoiled. My mom made them from scratch, and she was raised Italian. Store bought crap? Gag me. BUT!!! I have found a suitable purpose for them in my life. Gyros. Yes, my friend. Gyros. Just trust me on this. It works. So. Here’s what you do.IMG_20160629_192818751

Set your oven to broil on Low. Cut the meatballs in half. Place them on your pan. Stick them in the oven. Wow…hard, right?? Aren’t you glad you have me??? Hahaha!!! Seriously, it doesn’t take long. It takes approximately 7-9 minutes to brown them up. Awesome. While they are going, get on with the last step!

The Trimmings

Oh yeah. By now you can smell those meatballs, and your mouth is watering. Mmmmm Mmmm !! So check it out. I picked these trimmings fresh from my garden.IMG_20160629_193159937


And these I clearly got from the store. You can tell by the bar code on them. 😏


Just get everything washed and ready. Cut your tomatoes if you have them. Pull out your sauce, and prepare for deliciousness!!!

Now your meatballs should be done. So take them out, and begin assembly! I like to go meat, sauce, then trimmings. Mr. Fantastic prefers it to go sauce, meat, then trimmings. Do whatever trips your trigger. 😊IMG_20160629_194230388

There! Wasn’t that easy?! You don’t have to thank me…but I totally won’t stop you either. HAHAHAHA! So enjoy. I know that during the summer we all need FAST meals that our families love. My whole family loves these 100% Homemade Gyros made in 15 minutes. 😊

Queen Aimee

Subbing for Grannie Annie IMG_20160629_194654098

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