Chicken Arugula…Spicy Summer Salad

Who wants a warm spicy summer salad?!
I was needing a summer salad with a kick! This one is the whole meal deal!!! It was so easy. I needed easy and nutritious after visiting my grand babies and daughter for weeks in Ohio! Here’s what you do:


1. Take one specialty chicken sausage per serving desired (mine is spinach and Asiago chicken sausage from Sams Club, fully cooked, pkg of 16),  slice in half horizontally, then brown on one side, flip and do the other side.Chicken Arugula Salad Ingredients

2. Remove and set aside, no pinching off pieces to eat….wait for it…….
I’ll make this one to serve 3, but adjust for your preference.Chicken Arugula Salad 3

3. While slightly browning, slice 3-5 large whole baby portabella mushrooms (about one overflowing handful per person) and 1 1/2 bell peppers. I’m using some red and some yellow for fun color. Also slice some sweet yellow onion. (I’ll use about 2/3 C, but use amount you want.) Put 2 tsp butter in frying pan and slightly brown onions. Remove from pan. Then do mushrooms. While the mushrooms are browning wait until the end of their cooking to put some salt and pepper on top for seasoning; remove them and end with bell pepper slices. You may have to add a teaspoon of olive oil to properly get the bells browned but not wilted.  I add a bit of rosemary/garlic seasoning and a huge tablespoon of dried red chili flakes to the veggies while cooking.Chicken Arugula Salad 1

4. While veggies are browning. Put huge handful of arugula onto single serving dish, one per serving. As the veggies are all put aside, put chicken on arugula then top with mushrooms and onions. Now sprinkle the top of each salad with 1-2 TBL pecorino Romano cheese, or just Parmesan. I finished this with some low fat vinaigrette dressing, just a small drizzle. Enjoy this while warm😛 we barely took the time to breathe in between bites!Chicken Arugula Salad 5


Chicken Sausage

Bell Pepper

Baby Portobello Mushroom

Sweet Yellow Onions



Salt and Pepper

Preferred Seasoning such as Garlic

Preferred Dressing such as a Vinaigrette

Romano or Parmesan Cheese


Enjoy Kiddies!!

Grannie Annie

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