Pao dé Quejio or Pan de Bono

This time I have decided to test a couple of recipes and let you know how they work.  I chose the Pao dé Queijo

Okay!  Here is the link in Pinterest for the Pao dé Queijo, or cheese bread from Brazil. I remade them tonight. It took me 5 minutes to get everything out, 2 minutes to out together, 3 minutes to divide and roll and put on baking sheet, and about 15 minutes to cook. That’s a link to the recipe.

I’ve made them side by side with the Pan de Bono, and here’s that link I made them on my Pampered Chef cookie sheet, so I’ve never lined it when making them.sidebysidecooking

So your question may be, “Why, oh why, did you make the cheese bread 2 consecutive nights???” Well, my piggy husband ate more than half of the batch even though I made him something else. The gluten lover! 🙂

But Nicole at Gluten Free on a Shoestring was adamant that the Pan de Bono is the best.  So thought I’d make it and compare.

I just couldn’t bring myself to use 8 full ounces of feta, so I cut it down to 4 1/2 oz. otherwise followed her recipe. I used my food processor and was delighted with how quickly everything came together! It probably took me 5 minutes to prepare, 4 minutes to measure and process, and 4 minutes to divide and put on cookie sheet.

The Pan de Bono is in front.
The Pan de Bono is in front. Pao dé Queijo is the larger in back.

Hmmm, I made these with a top quality white masa, supposedly non gmo, organic, etc. Yeah, I definitely taste the corn and don’t prefer them over the cheese bread. Ok, actually, after a second tasting, I will never make the Pan de Bono again. I hate hate hate the taste, but they were super easy, and if you like the masa taste you’ll love them!

Grannie Annie

P.S. That was a full recipe for both. and it was a dinner plate they sat on. Well, a full recipe minus one each. Oink oink! 😉

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