It’s Spring Break here!  I know.  I know.  You’re thinking homeschoolers don’t get a Spring Break, right?  Wrong.  First of all, the main benefit of being a homeschooler is that we get to make our own schedules.  I do what I want.  Boom, baby!  Secondly, a homeschooler that is going to college as well definitely gets a Spring Break.  Because I said so.

My point?  I will be late posting the recipe from our beloved Grannie Annie this week.  Why?  Because I have better things to do.  I’ll tell you.  And just so you know, you are free to take from this listSpringQuotes-5_blog140313 and make it your own!  Do you know why?  Because SPRING IS COMING!  The terrible dark of winter is leaving us.  The trees are shaking off the cold and buds are forcing their through into the light.  This means we should do it too.  Because I said so.  There are more important things than the Book of Face and math.  (OK.  Maybe not math.  😉 )


  • Playing in the Sand Dunes – One perk of desert life is sand dunes.  One perk of having children is their love of sand.  Basic addition here.  You add those two things and VOILÀ! An incredibly happy, sun-soaked family is the answer.  🙂
  • Baseball – I’m sorry, but spring always screams baseball to me…or softball.  I grew up playing this game.  I love it.  It’s pure.  It’s beautiful.  I will be outside pitching the ball to my children while the others shag the balls.  I will also be found playing catch with them.
  • Art Projects – Due to the fact that I now contribute a weekly article on art projects, I will do a ton of these this week with the kidlets.  So. Much. Fun.  Again, basic addition here.  Children + Art=Fun/Probable Disaster.  HAHAHAHA!
  • CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN, and, Oh Did I Mention? CLEAN!!! – Face it.  What good are children if I can’t use them for a child labor?  I’m pretty sure that’s why I had them.  Someone has to clean those toilets.
  • Walking the Dog – This means exactly what it says.  I will walk the dog.  Alone.  All. By. Myself.  Ahhhhhhhh….*deep sigh*.  My dog (Zuko) and I love each other.  He’s a beautiful blue shar pei.  He goes on walks with me which are incredibly beneficial for my knee while it still healing (SURGERY SUCKS!!).  And the bonus is that nothing in the world compares to the time spent alone…just me and my dog.  He’s happy just to be walking with me, and I’m happy just to be walking with him.  If you have a dog, walk it.
  • Dating My Lover – My lover is Mr. Fantastic.  Holy smokes.  That man makes me laugh.  I have decided that he and I will go on two dates this week.  Because I said so.  He’s tried to argue that we don’t have time, and I was like, “Uh…yeah we do.  So…we need to accept this.  Mwah!”  <—- That’s the sound of me blowing a kiss at him…because I’m sweet like that.  😉  Most likely one of our dates will be a drive in the car around really nice neighborhoods and farms while we eat a treat and make plans (because he loves me and appeases me that way), but it’s a date.  🙂
  • Reading – Well…I always read.  I love to read.  I think I have finished two books this week already.  I am trying to get through the other two that I have been working on for a while now (Loving What Is and The Nature of Animal Healing).  It’s harder to get through those books as fast because those ones require thought and work to be put into the books.  Does that make sense?  They require me to put down the book and do some work.  Of course, I am still doing the read alouds with the angel-demons.  We’re almost done with Carry On, Mr. Bowditch.  AWESOME book.  Then we will work on the Little House series.  🙂
  • Late Night Bollywood with My Girl – My oldest daughter, L, has developed a love for Bollywood.  Is that a surprise?  So I have decided to foster that and bond with her over some Bollywood movies.  I’M SO EXCITED!!!  It’s going to be surprise.  She has had a few behavioral issues lately (what pre-teen girl doesn’t?), but she has been working so hard to reign herself in.  Anyway.  The relationship is important to me.  I want to spend time with her just having fun.  So Bollywood it is.  You guys should totally do it too!  Not necessarily Bollywood, but something you can do to just bond with your pre-teen or teen during their struggling years.  It amazes me how much they still love and need their mommies.  It shouldn’t though.  After all, I find myself absolutely desperate for my mother’s voice most days.  I’ve just learned to hold back the homesick feeling.  Can you tell it’s been too long since I have felt my mom’s hand on my head?  Kids always need their mommies.  Always.springquote

The bonuses of this list?  It costs pretty much nothing.  The art projects will cost a little bit for the materials, but that’s it.  But the VERY BEST part?  The results.  This is where math doesn’t work.  Because if you do all these things, or if you do all your own things on your own list, and you add them all together, your sum will be greater than all the parts.  Do you understand what I mean? spring-quote1 Even if you consider them all factors and multiply everything, the product is still greater than it should be.  My point?  You and your family get more out of these things than you put in.  I know this to be true.  This tells me that an unseen hand has reached in and changed the equation.  There is an unseen factor.  I know in my heart that this is the Lord blessing us in our efforts to preserve not only the family, but also to preserve each other, to preserve the heart and souls of the rising generation and the generation that is raising them.

Spring is coming.  Life is coming back to the earth.  I am going to celebrate by bringing more life, love, and hope into our home, into our hearts.  I hope you all join me!

Take It, and Be Thankful


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