About Me

Allow me to introduce myself.

aimeestanding_SqI am Queen Aimee, but my good friends call me Queen Aim.   HA!  Like all true queens, I was born into the title.  Nothing to be done for it.  You either have it, or you don’t.  I do.  Naturally.  😉  I’ve got a bit of goddess in me as well, but I suppose I shouldn’t boast.  Is it boasting, though, if it’s true?  HA!

I’m an amazing wife and mother, if I do say so myself.  And I do say so myself…frequently.  I’m a writer, a daydreamer, a realist, a hiker, a homeschooler, a mother to an autistic child, a lover of nature, a student, a car enthusiast, a book lover, a despiser of germs and filth, a jogger (NOT a runner), a nightwalker (not to be confused with a lady of the night or a vampire, rather someone who walks at night!), a deeply spiritual individual, a thinker, a reader, a listener, a fighter, a pianist, a music lover, a movie line quoter, a Whovian, a poet, a woman, a nerd, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a lover of the still and quiet,  an eater of chocolate and popcorn…together, and so many many more things.  I am also afraid.  Daily.  You should all know that right from the beginning.

TIABT_mainphotoThere will be a lot of things posted here about my life, about homeschooling and raising a child with autism and being a woman.  There will be a lot of humor and wit (at least, I hope there will be) because that is how I deal with life.  However, you must understand this most important fact from the beginning.  You will not see it, but fear is there.  The reason you will not see it is because I do not honor it.  I do not feed it.  But I do feel it.  I am no different from the rest of you this way.  You have to remember that forever and ever.  It will be hard because I laugh a lot!

Every day, I laugh as much as I can!  That’s me.  That’s the promise I have made myself.  Homeschooling is a huge part of my life.  I have three amazing children.  Everything they do is amazing!  You should see the messes they make!  AMAZING!  Haha!  And you should see the way they love each other.  Amazing.  How else could an introverted person like me survive homeschooling her children?  I absolutely must laugh.  I will go mad if I do not laugh.

I have a child with an autism spectrum disorder.  Oy vey.  The ups and downs, ins and outs, overs and unders of that are enough to make the batty people lose their minds.  Laughter.  And yes, sometimes it is inappropriate and irreverent.  I don’t care.  It makes me feel better.

I am a woman.  In today’s world there are a myriad of issues that affect my life and me directly and indirectly.  They affect my daughter’s lives.  They affect women all over.   I’ve never been the kind to sit meekly on the sidelines.  I have a voice, and I use it.  I get angry sometimes!  Sometimes I get hopping mad!  Then I have no other alternative but to find a way to laugh.  I cannot laugh about the issues, necessarily, but I can sometimes laugh at myself or other things that day.

And those are the things about which I will be writing…mostly.  And you all have to know something.  None of this could happen without my family.  Mostly, my husband.

He is fantastic.  He is my opposite in nearly all things.  He is my anchor, my counterweight.  When I am away from him for extended periods of time, I can feel myself starting to swing out of control.  It sounds incredibly boring, doesn’t it?  It’s fantastic.  He is my Mr. Fantastic.  He doesn’t like that, though.  I will have to come up with something much more clever soon.  The point, however, is that he supports me in everything I do.  He never tries to change me or control me.  He is a man that is confident and trusting in his wife.  He is a man.   And he is my man.

And that is me.  Queen Aimee.  Part royalty, part goddess.  😉  100% blessed in family.