Cashew Cream and Chicken Wrap

This is a recipe for making cashew cream.  I love this because it is healthy and helps me make a quick and delicious lunch!


cashewcreamingredients2 cups raw cashews {soaked for 30 minutes}
1 cup water, change if using lemon juice
1/2 to 1 tsp. Real honest sea or pink Himalayan salt
Optional, but my favorite way….
2 Tbs. extra virgin olive oil- adds to creaminess
4 Tbs. fresh lemon juice, cut the water down to 3/4
• cover cashews with filtered water.
• soak cashew for 1/2 hour or longer longer is best for cashew milk.
• Drain cashews. Add softened cashews, salt, water and juice to a high powered blender.
• Blend on high add more water if too thick. Pourable, but not runny.
While it’s blending, add the olive oil and blend for 10
more seconds.
• Pour into a container and store in the fridge.

With optional ingredients: 47 calories; 4.1g fat; 2.2g carb; 1.2 g protein
This makes a real thick cream, below shows how to vary the thickness.
1/4 cup liquid = very thick cream-must dig a spoon in
1/2 cup liquid = semi-thick cream- spoon still stands but not stiff
3/4 cup liquid = light cream-nah, this is definitely lighter sour cream
1 cup liquid = sauce-like cream-I’d use this I. Place of heavy cream…like Alfredo sauce
3 cups liquid = thick cashew milk-
4 cups liquid=nicely drinkable milk


Guys, the reason you soak the cashews is because you want to remove the enzyme inhibitors. Very important.  Also, for most people as they age fresh dairy can become a problem. For me, fresh milk and any sort of cream are my enemy and in as little as half an hour, the enemy of my cohabiters.  That’s why this cashew cream is so great!  You have to remember though that the cream only keeps for a week or less.  Use it or lose it!



Combine the hot sauce and chili with 1 1/2 TBL cashew cream, toss in a handful of cabbage slaw and 2 oz of shredded chicken then stir to coat.
Put And there you have a super quick healthy and ultra filling lunch.  Top that onto a wrap, add 1/4 medium so avocado and 1 TBL red onion, yummy tummy here it comes, for only 277 calories, 28 carbs 21 protein and 13 fat grams🏅wrappicture


Enjoy!  Grannie Annie

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