Doodle Squares

Remember the article I write every week?  Here’s the link for this week’s article.  Guys, I’m telling  you.  It worked out so incredibly well for my guy with the autism spectrum disorder!  Seriously!  He was so calm.  It was like he was given permission to be inside his head, but it was different.  You know?  He wasn’t stemming or anything like that.  He was just inside his head, and he was creating something.  And he was terribly pleased with himself.  He didn’t have to interact with anyone, but he was doing the exact same thing that everyone else was doing.  Made my mommy heart happy.  I really think art therapy is a thing that can reach people.  I’m talking autistic people, depressed people, ALL people!!!  Anyway!  Go and click the link for the instructions and such.

Art Smart: Doodle Squares


Let me know if you guys like it!

Take It, and Be Thankful

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